When it’s worth taking out a loan?

DATE: March 28, 2020

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Today we are going to talk about that money that we take from someone else and then return with interest: the loan. Tell me: when it comes to which team you are on: of those who feel a chill down the spine just by hearing that word or of those who take all the money they offer without thinking about tomorrow?

Like everything in life, each case is different and what matters here is balance. Shall we meet him together?


You don’t have to panic over a debt

debt loans

Like overdraft and card revolving. In many cases, the loan may be the best way to get out of it. “But, how am I going to get out of debt by taking another one, girl?”, You will ask me. I explain: you get a loan with the same amount, but with lower interest rates than the debt you already have. So, you pay off the first one and, in the end, spend a lot less money, since you will pay a lot less interest.

Do you know that crucial moment in your business when it either goes or splits? This is where a loan can also go very well, thank you. It can be the little push needed for your company to get the momentum it needs to take very high flights. But some bills need to be done before signing the contract because we don’t want anyone falling over the edge, huh.

There is also the time of horror when that car crashed, the pipe burst, a health problem appeared and you are paralyzed without knowing how to get out of this problem. In such unexpected cases, if you don’t already have an emergency reserve, the loan can be a great ally. However, you must have both eyes wide open. Despair is not a good advisor, so don’t take the first option that arises because it can become another problem ahead. Always research rates and payment terms to choose the best option for your pocket.


Now changing from sadness to happiness


Let’s talk about a good thing! Sometimes there is no money to make a trip that has been dreaming for some time, take a nice course, buy the car that a friend is selling. In these situations, how about a loan? Before I answer, I have a question for you: can this course, trip, car be purchased at another time or is it a unique opportunity? If you can do it later, it may be more worth saving some money a month or trying to make extra money to make your dreams come true without leaving debts waiting for you at home. If it is a unique opportunity, the loan can be a good one.

Whatever the situation, the essential is to give that analyzed in the options to choose the best one for you.

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