WebADB allows you to run ADB directly from your web browser

Android Debug Bridge (adb) is a command line tool that allows users to communicate with an Android device. With the developer tool, you can perform a number of actions, including installing and debugging applications, and also run nifty shell commands.

Instead of installing ADB on your computer, SteelToe, a member of the XDA forum, has released a new website (www.webadb.com) that allows users to run all the functionality provided by the tool directly from your Web browser. “No installation, no drivers, nothing,” SteelToe said. “All you need is a web browser that supports USB web like Chrome or the new Microsoft Edge and you’re good to go.” The WebUSB API provides access to USB devices from web pages and is enabled by default on Chromium-based browsers.

Current features of Web ADB include:

  • APK installation
  • Interactive shell
  • Screen recording
  • SCRCPY – Control your device from your browser
  • Device Info
  • File manager
  • Activate ADB on WiFi

WebADB XDA Forum Discussion ||| Source code on GitHub

If you need help installing ADB locally on your machine, we have a guide for that. Alternatively, if you want a less involved experience, you can use the ADB web portal. The website has some instructions if you’re having trouble, including getting an Access Denied error.

Keep in mind that you will still need to enable USB debugging on your smartphone, which can be found in developer’s settings, accessible through Settings> by tapping “About phone” seven times.

ADB is a very versatile command line tool, especially if you use Android smartphones a lot. While it is recommended that you install the utility on your regular machine, there may be times when you only need a few commands in a pinch. This is where tools like Web ADB come in. With the usual ADB commands, you can install apps, copy a file or directory from device to device, configure port forwarding, etc. These commands on their own may not seem to accomplish much, but depending on the restrictions imposed by the OEM of your smartphone, ADB can be very useful with these commands to change things the way you want on your device. . .

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