Web Development An Overarching Term

Web development typically includes client side coding, server side coding, and database technology. Since this is a bit complex process, any beginner needs to learn smartly the intricacies involved in OOP, scripting language, building web applications etc. The world of development is constantly evolving and to keep a pace with this evolvement, developers too need to have a frame of mind that knows the importance of evolution and is willing to evolve. For example, the open source technology. It is recommended that developers do more and more experiments with this technology as it gives the developers hands-on experience of creating something that challenges and educates.

Having said this, let us understand the process of web development as a craft. In a way, all art – including development requires fine and sharp craftsmanship. In order to achieve this sharpness, each web developer needs to penetrate the rock that may exist between his work and his tools. That is, each developer knows, feels and understands how his tools work. This becomes all the more important when it is a question of preprocessors, libraries and frameworks which help save time by automating common processes and functions. But, in order to use such tools, it is very necessary that web developers really understand how, why and when they should function.

Keeping oneself updated is not an intellectual vanity anymore. It is rather a necessity to survive in the midst of cut-throat competition. Hence, the onus to keep the tools and knowledge of development sharp, up-to-date and relevant is on the web developer who means his work. It is very likely that the tool, technique or trick that you might have used and loved last week becomes out of the trade this week. It is precisely why it is important for developers to be alert and awake all the time.