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LUCKNOW: Hooked on to a crime scene web series Money Heist which airs on a popular OTT platform, three young people in their 20s were inspired by the daring on-screen exploits and decided to rob a jewelry store in Gomtinagar Extension.
Twenty-four hours after the burglary, police resolved the case and found the pivot, who was none other than counter salesman Pradeep, who pretended to be a victim after his assistant pointed a gun at him on his head and tied his hands. The entire crime scene was set up by Pradeep, whose burqa-clad accomplice Imran spoke in a soft, gentle tone before decreeing the heist and slipping down the alleys. The third accomplice, Sandeep Gupta, who supplied the getaway car was also caught along with Imran and Pradeep.
Deputy Police Commissioner Gomtinagar Shweta Srivastava, who led the operation, said the trio were arrested after questioning, non-stop surveillance and CCTV footage provided compelling evidence. The police also recovered ornaments worth Rs 15lakh, the catwalk car and the burqa and the sneers worn by Imran. They were arrested in the nearby neighborhood of Gangotri Vihar.
“We waited for the heat to calm down and questioned Pradeep after conducting a thorough investigation. Sustained grilling forced Pradeep to admit the crime and his assistants were subsequently arrested, ”Srivastava said. Another officer familiar with the investigation revealed that the young people had dropped out of school and wanted to quickly earn money for a life of luxury.
“A day before the robbery, the accused hammered home the plan, but in a rush, Imran forgot to change his shoes when he got out of the car. The accused also did not notice a functioning CCTV right next to the jewelry store, ”said a police officer. They were all in their twenties and while Imram was employed in a nursery Sandeep worked in a homeopathy clinic and the car was registered in his father’s name. They wanted to make money fast and would watch web series like “Money Heist” on OTT platforms.

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