KKBT Fame Screen Swastika Dutta for Web Series Debut

For the past few days, Swastika Dutta has been leaving her home at dawn. The early hours of the morning are ideal for exercising or practicing music. But Swastika does something else – she goes to Andul every day to shoot her first Ananda Ashram web series. A frank conversation with Swastika ….

Why did you decide to start on the web?

I had received so many messages from my fans, supporters, and people who love me as an actor, saying they would love to see me do shows on the web! Second, I wanted to experience a different shooting model with a different cast and crew.

Tell us about your character in the web series …

My character’s name is Tithi. She’s a freelance documentary maker … she’s smart, practical, and has a unique sartorial sense. It can be hot as needed and can move away as needed.

Swastika Dutta was popular as Radhika in Ki Kore Bolbo Tomay on Zee5

Courtesy: Svastika Dutta

How has the filming experience been so far?

Well, this is something so new to me. The shooting starts very early and we immediately go into shooting mode … there is no waiting … and besides I really appreciate one thing … everyone is helping each other, incorporating ideas for that we can create something meaningful.

There aren’t any fixed script lines or monologues you have to say … and it’s something really interesting for me to do. We have so much freedom to behave, that’s the beauty and that’s what I experience.

Tell us about the places?

We shot in Andul. We got to explore some really interesting places and some really weird places that can give you goosebumps at night! We even toured the Ganges by boat.

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