We don’t think that should mean you should stop making music, but depending on the situation, you may need to do so using some subtlety. As originally reported by Fact Magazine, here’s a list of music making programs that you can access from your web browser and on the back of the boss.

Sampulator is a really fun and easy program that works like a block of samples in the browser. It offers a variety of pre-programmed sounds that you can trigger using your computer keyboard, allowing you to play them intuitively, rather than using a mouse.

Classic 808 kicks, clap snares, hi-hats and congas are in the library, along with keyboards, guitars, and perhaps less useful samples, such as DJ Khaled saying “another.” The program lets you easily set the amount of bars, tempo, and time signature, which you can record by pressing a space bar and build layer by layer.

Here is an example of the type of sounds you can create in Sampulator.

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Patternsketch is an HTML and JavaScript audio sequencer and drum machine. The design of the page is simple, but the loops you can create are potentially complex. For anyone who’s used Ableton Push or the Novation Launchpad, the layout should be quite familiar, with nine separate drum kits programmed, including jazz, electronic, or vintage sounds.

From there, you can play around with several predefined templates, the settings of which you can then adjust to your liking.

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Speaking of Novation Launchpad, there is a browser version of the popular MIDI controller on their website. It might not be the most useful tool as it is limited to a set of samples, but it is nonetheless fun and good to spend hours on while you pretend to work on that important report. Or, more likely, good for getting used to the layout for free, before committing to one of Novation’s Launchpad ranges to get more in-depth beatmaking.

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