How to access the hidden web browser on your PS5

After exploring your PS5, you might be surprised to find that the PlayStation 5 doesn’t have a built-in web browser. It feels like a downgrade, as the PlayStation 4 included a web browser from the start.

Turns out there is a hidden web browser inside the PS5 which you can access through a convoluted method. We’ll show you how to browse the web on your PS5 if you really need to.

How to access the PS5 web browser

To use the web browser on the PS5, first head to the Settings main menu page. Here, select the Users and accounts heading, followed by Link with other services Object.

To choose Twitter to open a login page for Twitter. If you’ve already connected your Twitter account, you’ll need to unlink it first to use this method.

PS5 link with other services

Do not log in here. Instead, use the left joystick to hover the cursor over the Twitter bird logo at the top of the page, then click on it with the X button.

PS5 Twitter Click Logo

When you do this, you go to the Twitter login page just like you would any desktop browser. However, you don’t need to log into Twitter to continue. Instead, click the Forgot your password? connect.

Forgot password on Twitter

On the result Find your Twitter account page, click the Twitter bird logo again at the top of the page to load the main Twitter page. Many links appear at the bottom of it. Find Phone book at the bottom right and click on it.

Twitter Directory

This brings up a page with a Twitter search bar at the top. Click inside to search for Twitter, then you can freely click any site links to start browsing the web on your PS5.

There’s no browser address bar, so you’ll have to search Twitter for anything you want to visit online and click the links from there. For example, you can search for “MakeUseOf” to find the site’s Twitter profile and use the link in our bio to load the site.

Twitter Search PS5

To search the web, we recommend that you search the Bing Twitter page or DuckDuckGo. Google’s Twitter bio doesn’t link to their website, but you can easily search any of the others to get to Google (or whatever else you’re looking for).

Bing PS5 search

Is PS5 Web Browser Worth Using?

As you might expect, given how Sony hid the browser, there is nothing fantastic about the PS5 web browser. Basic sites that only contain text and images load fine, but anything that requires multimedia is unreliable.

You can probably open a video site that doesn’t have a dedicated PS5 app to watch content this way, but don’t expect to be using complicated web apps or playing games. Using the software keyboard is tedious (unless you connect a physical keyboard). Additionally, Twitter’s everytime workaround is ineffective and prevents you from using Twitter with your PSN account.

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For most people, there are few reasons why you would actually want to use the browser on your PS5. Chances are, you’ve got a much easier-to-use smartphone nearby that will work with almost any website, unlike the clunky PS5 browser experience. The only scenario we can think of where this browser would be useful is if you want to search for something while using PlayStation VR and don’t want to remove the headset.

This is probably why Sony’s Hideaki Nishino said they “have doubts about the need for a web browser.” It’s possible that the PS5 will get this feature in the future, but it’s probably not a priority when everyone has better ways to access the web.

Oddly enough, the PS5 has a Settings page titled Web browser which has settings to delete cookies and the like. It is not clear why this exists when the browser is not intended for general use.

Surf the web on PS5, if you really need to

Now you know how to access the PS5’s limited web browser. Hope you never need it, but it could be a fun trick to show off to your friends. Otherwise, it’s little more than a PS5 Easter Egg.

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