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Web Development An Overarching Term

Web development typically includes client side coding, server side coding, and database technology. Since this is a bit complex process, any beginner needs to learn smartly the intricacies involved in OOP, scripting language, building web applications etc. The world of development is constantly evolving and to keep a pace with this evolvement, developers too need to have a frame of mind that knows the importance of evolution and is willing to evolve. For example, the open source technology. It is recommended that developers do more and more experiments with this technology as it gives the developers hands-on experience of creating something that challenges and educates.

Having said this, let us understand the process of web development as a craft. In a way, all art – including development requires fine and sharp craftsmanship. In order to achieve this sharpness, each web developer needs to penetrate the rock that may exist between his work and his tools. That is, each developer knows, feels and understands how his tools work. This becomes all the more important when it is a question of preprocessors, libraries and frameworks which help save time by automating common processes and functions. But, in order to use such tools, it is very necessary that web developers really understand how, why and when they should function.

Keeping oneself updated is not an intellectual vanity anymore. It is rather a necessity to survive in the midst of cut-throat competition. Hence, the onus to keep the tools and knowledge of development sharp, up-to-date and relevant is on the web developer who means his work. It is very likely that the tool, technique or trick that you might have used and loved last week becomes out of the trade this week. It is precisely why it is important for developers to be alert and awake all the time.

Web Development Terminology

Web development has to do with the process in which a website is put together. The concept relates to the intricacy in which computer language is used to build a website. Technology has greatly simplified the codification such that even a lay person is able to put together a website using ready-made tools. Developing a website almost has a much deeper impact. An experienced developer takes into account the website as a whole and how each part correlates and functions. In context, developing a website has many facets. Experts usually use the terminology web development and web design interchangeably yet designing takes into consideration the configuration of web pages while development digs deep into the mechanism that makes the website function.

Web development involves aspects of e-commerce which relates to the strategic promotion and selling of goods and services online; web design incorporating skills for graphic design and interface design. The term web design is usually related to the front end client-facing design of a website. Web development incorporates all the basics of web design it also is involved in the server-side, scripting, web server and network security. Programs such as Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP have made developing a website available in some circumstances free of charge to the general public along with web development software; virtually anyone can set up a basic website. The basics of Hyper Text Markup Language and other programming can easily be learned through the internet or in easy step text books.

Web development has been taken a step further with the next generation utilizing java platform and enterprise technology to run applications online. Applications that were only available on a desk based computer are now being provided as web services. Such innovation has provided the opportunity for users to interact with applications from any location instead of having to work at a specific workstation.

Web Development Agency

A business is all about business processes and an integration plan to integrate the internal components of an organization. Business automation is the core behind every accomplishment that a business house achieves. A web design agency deals with all the web development needs right from analysis to final development. To turn vision into the reality, several agencies are offering their services to the diverse client across the world. The domain of the web development revolves around major segments including:

  • PHP Web Development
  • ASP and ASP.Net Development
  • E-commerce Development
  • Custom Web Programming

A standard web design company usually enjoys extensive experience in providing professional web services for their global clients. They have a professional track record of successfully completing the projects of different sizes and strength. These companies capitalize on their accumulated experience in developing full-cycle web development services ranging from core business analysis, consulting and project implementation. Web development segment of the agency deals in a core set of web application development services including:

  • Web Application Development
  • Application Migration and Porting
  • Application Re-engineering and Enhancement
  • Application Audit and Testing
  • Application Maintenance

These agencies provide dedicated web developers to the clients who design and develop web applications according to the individual business needs. They start their process with detailed requirement analysis of the website followed by comprehensive database design. These professionals are expert both in the back-end design and front end design as well. In the front end design they use Adobe Illustrator, Macro-media Flash, Dream weaver and Photo shop. In the very same manner these agency use several high-end and advanced tools to develop front end of the web application.

Robust and secure web applications are the demand of the time. This is why an agency works in the close coordination with the business houses to understand their business requirements. They decide to use the platform accordingly. Usually these company works on two platforms according to the clients’ preferences. They choose either Microsoft Technologies like.Net or Open source technologies like PHP etc. Both these technologies have their own advantages and cost benefits.

If you are in search for a web development company, you need to be cautious and alert. Hiring a web development company is a tricky decision and requires good amount of research and analysis about the service provider. Keep a checklist with you depicting all the needs that you want to get accomplished by the agency. Discuss the type of web application you need from the service provider. Ask the agency about the process they follow to accomplish the project within the given time frame. The most important thing that you inquire is the cost they charge for the development. Compare several websites at a time to get a quote that suits you well.

Web Development The Standards of Coding

Web development has gone through a major facelift since the last few years. It has transitioned from the semi-straightforward approach like HTML pages topped up with a bit of Flash and JavaScript to the more developed application-based designs using Ajax, Flex and Adobe AIR. It is similar to the changes that the software developers have been dealing with for years. Yet a lot of web developers still follow the old school days and don’t take out the time or don’t have knowledge to incorporate these coding standards when developing their applications. In this article, we will discuss exactly what this web development coding standards are, and why a web developer should start implementing these in their web development or application development projects. The points that we will be discussing in this article can be embraced for the development of any application.

They are guidelines which have been set to help a developer with the process of web development consistently over time. Writing consistent codes not only help the developer who is writing it but also proves helpful for developers who might have to work on future web development projects on the same lines. The guidelines for coding envelop two basic arenas of the coding process. The first one is all about how you actually write your code, which is often referred to as code conventions. Everything from how you name your variables to methods, classes, comments and packages to the organization of the file structure come under the definition of Code conventions. These conventions define how your code will visually appear to the next developer working on the same development process.

The second aspect involves adopting and implementing the code design patterns. A design pattern like the Model-View-Controller (MVC) acts as an abstracted guide for developers trying to solve commonly occurring problems in web-application development. Having guidelines defined around this abstraction and how it is to be implemented in the code helps create an experience that is consistent in nature. Code conventions is the primary focus when a coding standard is being specified by an organization, team or for a specific project. Yet how the code design patterns are implemented holds as much importance to the overall standardization process as to how the code has been written.

In a codebase that is free-for-all, you would often find something that is known as a spaghetti code. And it is called so because the code is extremely hard to follow, since the structure of the code keeps changing from method to method, line by line and class to class. This can become extremely hard to manage and debug. And that’s where the need for following the coding standards arises from, may it be a web based development project or the development of some other application. Coding standards is something that a developer in today’s times cannot ignore and needs to abide by no matter what, that is if a web development company working on some application or web development project is to ensure a smooth and effective collaboration amongst its development team.

Web Designing and Web Development of a CMS

A lot goes into developing a CMS, which is a short form for a Content Management System. For those of you who are not familiar with the idea of a CMS, through the progress of web designing and web development processes websites have gone from static to dynamic and now with hundreds and thousands of pages. If you are reading this article on a portal or social networking website, then you will get an idea from this very website how large websites have become. This very website that you are visiting will be having thousands of authors and numerous numbers of articles.

To manage such huge amounts of pages, web development models around the world developed what has been termed as a CMS. A CMS allows an ease of control as well as the management of such huge amounts of data without going into the intricacies of web designing or web development. Managing such websites has become child’s play, and quite literally that. Blogs are an interesting aspect of CMS, if any of you have, or have had a blog registered on any of numerous sites available which give you easy platform to write and post, are all forms of CMS. These platforms allow you to easily manage the looks as well as feel aspects of your blogs.

Content Management Systems have decreased the difficulty of managing large websites to levels never seen in the past. With a handy and efficient CMS, companies and organizations can get rid of the whole IT departments which are responsible for managing the company web sites. The work of a whole team responsible for web designing and web development in IT departments can be cut short to a handful of people who can manage the websites through a handy CMS. CMS is virtually responsible for a whole new segment of the industry which has mushroomed in the last decade, the E-Commerce Portals and Solutions. Managing the e-commerce portals has become a fairly easy job with CMS platforms. It has become such a light job to launch and manage an e-commerce portal that even regional retailers have been enticed to take a ride of the online commerce bandwagon. In the earlier days, the issues involved in web designing as well as web development of such portals would have given nightmares to professionals. The whole trade cycle has been simplified to simple clicks with the advance in web development techniques. The looks which professionals with good web designing skills can impart with such portals amazes the audience with each new portal which is launched. A very famous portal which dealt in air tickets aimed at making the business clear to visitors who came to the portal via giving it a theme of an airport. This not only impressed the visitors but also made an impression to them of the professionalism of the portal in the business. Following with the point of themes, another major step forward for the web designing processes, the ease with which the themes can be changed in a CMS is amazing. If you have noticed the changed home pages of major blog writers, online shopping portals and other large websites on the festive occasions, it is only because CMS has solved the process to mere clicks of the mouse. Those of you who are familiar with the earlier techniques of doing the same, it could take up to days to implement a new theme onto the websites.

Web Development Services

For superiority in online business, it is significant to deploy Web Development services. Websites support the virtual existence of business. A flexible website stuffed with relevant content will help you stay updated regarding the brand or the business being talked about. The term web development houses a plethora of ideas and services. It includes options such as database management, e-commerce development, shopping carts, tailoring invoicing solutions, developing several applications, web hosting, getting an access of 508 websites, and handling SEO friendly contents. However, there are more to add on to the list of Web Designing services. Stability of business depends on website development. Thus, an expert website designer has a great role to play.

The companies are in the race in enhancing online visibility. With a user friendly edge, the consumers can relate to the web base, and you find everything at your advantage. With online promotion of brands and services, you can definitely arrange for a better image promotion. With the best online status Web Development services are meant to reveal the substantial qualities of your business. The success of the services depends on the rate of conversion from earnest viewers to dedicated consumers. The success of Web Designing services depends on the combination of inventiveness and capability. To make a business reach the zenith, it is required to be innovative. A dual of advanced technicality and error free coding one can deck a website with absolute confidence. It is always important for a website to be functional. This is made true with avant-garde Web Development services. Most web developing firms first make a survey of the in trend consumer demand and likewise they sit to design a website. The experts concentrate on three best web qualities. A website has to be functional; it has to be user friendly and it should well meet with online commercial criterion.

In the genre of Web Development services, it is best to go through a team of professional web developers. The experts put their heads together in inventing something astounding, and according to the consumer requirements. They follow a course of strategic planning to make the services affordable and implementable. Experts attempt in making websites attractive through the use of multiple attractive graphics. Graphical interplay has an eminent role to play in making a website bright and meaningful. Web navigation, logo designing and flash development are some of the other options to explore and talk about. Web hosting again forms a crucial part of Web Development services. With hosting, you can encourage multiple users for a convenient website accessing. When opting for web development services, registration of the domain name is highly significant. It is important to maintain that resemblance between the name and the utility of the site. If you are involved in the framing of an e-commerce website, then an inclusion of shopping cart is a must. Some of the additional services being offered include HH product, sitemap and blog manager, structuring the micro formats and data, along with the rest. CMS or content management services are also required for perfect website upgrading.

PHP Web Development

These apps help in making your businesses secure and trustworthy. There are many scripting languages used to create these apps. PHP is one of the most popular server-side open source programming language, used to create online web applications. Of late, an immense growth has witnessed in the domain of web application development. The endeavors of skilled offshore PHP developers have encouraged the development of several frameworks and tools and have enhanced the process of PHP web development.

Guidelines for Effective PHP Web Development

The most vital and necessary guidelines and aspects that can make PHP and MySQL web development process more effective and faster include:

  • Less and Effective Coding

It is always advisable to opt for minimum and influential programming codes. Large codes are more complex and are often loaded with errors. Short codes are easy to manage and error free, save time on debugging it. Simple and short codes are easy to maintain and customize. If you need to tweak or edit the code at a later stage, you would not face much hassle.

  • Rely on Latest and Updated Versions of Text-Editors

More often than not, most of PHP developers scribble codes on notepad. Higher versions of text editors should be used for more efficient coding, which saves lot of time. These editors are packed with latest feature of color coding for simplifying the complete development process. Most popular and widely used text editors include Dreamweaver, PHPEdit, EditPlus2 etc.

  • Save and Facilitate the Same Script in Future

Don’t write the scripts for the same function each time. Save your old scripts, and use it in your future PHP development projects by simply tweaking the codes to some extent as per the requirements. It will save you lot of time and energy from writing a new string of codes from the scratch. In addition, it will also reduce the chances of making mistake as these have already been used by you.

  • Maintain Daily Back-Ups

This is one of the most crucial aspect that can simplify the development process to a greater extent. It would be highly devastating if you lose all your codes and hours of effort accidentally and cannot bring it back. So, to be in the safe side, don’t forget to keep the back up of your everyday task to avoid this embarrassing situation and simplifying the PHP web development process.

  • Synopsis

Building a robust and interactive business website is the most vital step for promoting your business online. There are some development processes and many languages for creating web applications and PHP is the most popular amongst them. Whether you are relying on PHP or using ASP. Net for your web development, the above stated tips will certainly help you build simple and interactive website easily and quickly.

Web Development Theory

Brendan Eich is currently the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Mozilla. However, prior to that he has a more important designation attached to his name – JavaScript founder. Yes, it is Brendan Eich whose brainchild is the JavaScript scripting programming language. JavaScript language is used by millions of web developers to create user-friendly, responsive interfaces over the web. While speaking at the O’Reilly Fluent Conference in San Francisco, Brendan Eich shared his feelings about the road to web development. He thinks the JavaScript developers or web developers have a tough job to do and he really means it. Being a JavaScript developer, a person has to face a lot of challenges and spend sleepless nights.

He compared the web developers with the character Ash played by the actor Bruce Campbell in the popular horror movie of the 1980s “Evil Dead”. Brendan Eich was excited by the way the movie character used his hand as a chainsaw to cut things. The idea of improving JavaScript came in his mind after seeing “Evil Dead”. At the O’Reilly Fluent Conference Brendan Eich said “To be a Web developer, you have to be tough like Ash. JavaScript is kind of a chainsaw you have in place of a hand on the Web”. He also said he strongly believes web development has always been tough and even today it is not a matter of joke.

Brendan Eich defined ECMAscript 6 specification as the “high road” for JavaScript. He shared his experience of seeing the ECMAscript 6 specification used in almost all top browsers by the various web development leaders. The ECMAscript 6 specification is currently available in the marketplace for anyone to use the same in the browsers. According to Eich, web developers actually make notable changes in the “ECMAScript” to fill any discrepancy in the language without actually altering the JavaScript to another language. Thus, web developers don’t need to look at pre-compilers or trans-compilers with the availability of the ECMAScript 6 specification since this specification gives them the golden opportunity to make necessary changes within the language and outside of it as well in the most productive manner.

Modern Web Development

There has been a recent debate regarding whether a web developer’s speed is equal to productivity. Depending on the interpretation, there is bound to be opposing viewpoints with regards to this. However, the productivity of a developer should be equated to whether the project was completed in time but more importantly whether the application is usable. From the analysis, it is obvious that how soon a web development project is completed depends on several factors such as complexity, functionality and the scale of productivity. If you decide to hire a web developer, ensure that the web experts understand the modern day web world.

  • Understanding Modern Web Development

In order to create quality applications, such applications should be made from a user’s point of view. Creating an application based on how complex or easy it will be for the end user to use the same application ensures that a developer can pre-empt any challenges that the user is likely to face. The assumption here is regarding how the user will interact with the application.

  • Mobile approach

Today, smartphones are one of the fastest growing phenomenon due to the increasing numbers of smartphone users. The most recent statistics suggest that approximately 64% of all mobile users across the world use smartphones. This figure is increasing by the day. The emerging trend of smartphone in use should be incorporated in modern web development in such a way that applications can be used in multiple devices including mobile devices as opposed to the traditional approach where applications were created for single devices. This means that a web application built for computer use should function just as well in devices such as tablets and smartphones. In fact, the best approach in modern development is that applications should be first be built for smaller devices before proceeding to PCs functionality.

  • Web Technology Stack Utilization

Due to the advances made in the field of information and technology, web developers have a vast resource of modern web technologies at their disposal. Despite the fact that experimenting with new technology to develop websites and application is a good approach, a good developer should stick to tested solutions in development. You will perhaps not want to be the person who creates a complex web application using a non-tested but modern technology that will never work effectively on the application. Unlike in the past, modern web development also dictates that a developer avoids technology that hinder agility. Web developers often find themselves having to balance between applications that are both portable and agile. It is no longer a viable approach to create an application that can only be used on a single database or platform.

Evolving Web Development Industry

An elaborated interpretation of several actions that are linked to the formation and development of a website is known as web development. It may include numerous things such as web designing, web server configurations, e-commerce, coding etc. But the general view of web expert’s states that web development is the non-design features of formation of a website. It may include simple static tools dealing with plain texts up to highly complicated electronic businesses, web aligned internet applications. A vast number of web developers are included in gigantic business and corporations. Whereas the small scale business or organizations can just work with an individual, permanent or on a contract, developer. Another option that is available is, assigning the job to a company that is established for the sole purpose of development of websites for others.

With time, web developing got included amongst the most evolving industries globally that too in a short period of time. The major driving force behind the rising of this industry are the big companies that want to enhance their businesses and promote their products and services not only to the existing clients but also to make sure that their products and services are exposed to the greater customer market.

Another factor that helped boost this field to such an extent is the fact that the development and web hosting does not cost much. Compared to the past, it now costs minimal to create and develop a website. Creating a simple website is no longer considered a tough job considering you have the idea and the relevant information. Minor web page development companies are now capable of producing designs that help small scale organizations to enhance their businesses. The minor web developers are equipped with such skills that is playing a big role in boosting the web development industry.

Not only this, a large number of applications are available publicly and free and serve as development tools, which help to assist in the process of development. Such applications include PHP, Linux, etc. these applications are usually available for free. This promotes the usage of these applications by individuals globally who is working on making new websites for their brands as well as adds to the advancements of the already existing ones. The software’s such as Adobe Dreamweaver also play their part in the popularity of website development. By using these software’s, you have the ability to create web pages that are dynamic, elegant and highly professional looking, in a short duration of time. The special skills required for HTML or other programming, coding is not a necessity for these, but having them just adds as an advantage.