Boyfriends & Girlfriends web series, broadcast on Hoi Choi, is a journey of self-discovery

The Hoichoi Boyfriends & Girlfriends Web Series is a coming-of-age story of 20+ childhood best friends Amit, Soumya, and Bunty who walk through life, relationships, and work after college on a journey. of self-discovery and learn the value of Friendship.

Ujaan (Riddhi Sen), from a wealthy family, decides to quit his job and pursue the uncertainty of being a singer-songwriter and sets out on a journey to become self-sufficient. His journey takes him to Amrita (Ishaa Saha). Together, they enter into a relationship without knowing each other’s goals and backbones from the past. On the other hand, Soumya (Rwitobroto Mukherjee) is torn between dating the daughter of her father’s partner, Shreya, and seeing Riya, who happens to be Amit’s ex-girlfriend and the pursuit of this. complication ends up creating drama not only in his relationship, but especially in the boyfriends.

Bunty is the group mediator and begins dating Sumana. With these random life events unfolding, their friendship becomes stronger than ever. These friends, through their journey of lost and found love, find themselves in the process. The series, airing from September 3 on Hoichoi, is written and designed by Mainak Bhaumik.

How does the director of films like Maach Mishti & More and Ami Aar Amar Girlfriends envision modern love in this series? “As a fan of Modern Love, the series and the generation, Boyfriends & Girlfriends, it is I who is desperately trying to understand the young people of today and to judge how far they are from me. And for me, I think the essential difference is the need to be on social media. The Toxicity and Insta quotes are more of a thrown away for kicks. But to be honest, the beauty of love and friendship is like good music. It’s the same and timeless. May the feeling of falling in love be as euphoric and the fall as heartbreaking as it always has been, except I think it’s a little difficult to navigate the maze of existing on social media and that it becomes a trap.

“Every now and then between movies it’s nice to go back into a time machine and see myself through that prism. Feel the adolescent spirit. Wanting to create such a show was just to see if I still understand them. And I had a fabulous cast, ”Mainak says. Suvankar Paul directed the series.

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