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Web Development An Overarching Term

Web development typically includes client side coding, server side coding, and database technology. Since this is a bit complex process, any beginner needs to learn smartly the intricacies involved in OOP, scripting language, building web applications etc. The world of development is constantly evolving and to keep a pace with this evolvement, developers too need to have a frame of mind that knows the importance of evolution and is willing to evolve. For example, the open source technology. It is recommended that developers do more and more experiments with this technology as it gives the developers hands-on experience of creating something that challenges and educates.

Having said this, let us understand the process of web development as a craft. In a way, all art – including development requires fine and sharp craftsmanship. In order to achieve this sharpness, each web developer needs to penetrate the rock that may exist between his work and his tools. That is, each developer knows, feels and understands how his tools work. This becomes all the more important when it is a question of preprocessors, libraries and frameworks which help save time by automating common processes and functions. But, in order to use such tools, it is very necessary that web developers really understand how, why and when they should function.

Keeping oneself updated is not an intellectual vanity anymore. It is rather a necessity to survive in the midst of cut-throat competition. Hence, the onus to keep the tools and knowledge of development sharp, up-to-date and relevant is on the web developer who means his work. It is very likely that the tool, technique or trick that you might have used and loved last week becomes out of the trade this week. It is precisely why it is important for developers to be alert and awake all the time.

Web Development Terminology

Web development has to do with the process in which a website is put together. The concept relates to the intricacy in which computer language is used to build a website. Technology has greatly simplified the codification such that even a lay person is able to put together a website using ready-made tools. Developing a website almost has a much deeper impact. An experienced developer takes into account the website as a whole and how each part correlates and functions. In context, developing a website has many facets. Experts usually use the terminology web development and web design interchangeably yet designing takes into consideration the configuration of web pages while development digs deep into the mechanism that makes the website function.

Web development involves aspects of e-commerce which relates to the strategic promotion and selling of goods and services online; web design incorporating skills for graphic design and interface design. The term web design is usually related to the front end client-facing design of a website. Web development incorporates all the basics of web design it also is involved in the server-side, scripting, web server and network security. Programs such as Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP have made developing a website available in some circumstances free of charge to the general public along with web development software; virtually anyone can set up a basic website. The basics of Hyper Text Markup Language and other programming can easily be learned through the internet or in easy step text books.

Web development has been taken a step further with the next generation utilizing java platform and enterprise technology to run applications online. Applications that were only available on a desk based computer are now being provided as web services. Such innovation has provided the opportunity for users to interact with applications from any location instead of having to work at a specific workstation.

Web Development Agency

A business is all about business processes and an integration plan to integrate the internal components of an organization. Business automation is the core behind every accomplishment that a business house achieves. A web design agency deals with all the web development needs right from analysis to final development. To turn vision into the reality, several agencies are offering their services to the diverse client across the world. The domain of the web development revolves around major segments including:

  • PHP Web Development
  • ASP and ASP.Net Development
  • E-commerce Development
  • Custom Web Programming

A standard web design company usually enjoys extensive experience in providing professional web services for their global clients. They have a professional track record of successfully completing the projects of different sizes and strength. These companies capitalize on their accumulated experience in developing full-cycle web development services ranging from core business analysis, consulting and project implementation. Web development segment of the agency deals in a core set of web application development services including:

  • Web Application Development
  • Application Migration and Porting
  • Application Re-engineering and Enhancement
  • Application Audit and Testing
  • Application Maintenance

These agencies provide dedicated web developers to the clients who design and develop web applications according to the individual business needs. They start their process with detailed requirement analysis of the website followed by comprehensive database design. These professionals are expert both in the back-end design and front end design as well. In the front end design they use Adobe Illustrator, Macro-media Flash, Dream weaver and Photo shop. In the very same manner these agency use several high-end and advanced tools to develop front end of the web application.

Robust and secure web applications are the demand of the time. This is why an agency works in the close coordination with the business houses to understand their business requirements. They decide to use the platform accordingly. Usually these company works on two platforms according to the clients’ preferences. They choose either Microsoft Technologies like.Net or Open source technologies like PHP etc. Both these technologies have their own advantages and cost benefits.

If you are in search for a web development company, you need to be cautious and alert. Hiring a web development company is a tricky decision and requires good amount of research and analysis about the service provider. Keep a checklist with you depicting all the needs that you want to get accomplished by the agency. Discuss the type of web application you need from the service provider. Ask the agency about the process they follow to accomplish the project within the given time frame. The most important thing that you inquire is the cost they charge for the development. Compare several websites at a time to get a quote that suits you well.

Web Development The Standards of Coding

Web development has gone through a major facelift since the last few years. It has transitioned from the semi-straightforward approach like HTML pages topped up with a bit of Flash and JavaScript to the more developed application-based designs using Ajax, Flex and Adobe AIR. It is similar to the changes that the software developers have been dealing with for years. Yet a lot of web developers still follow the old school days and don’t take out the time or don’t have knowledge to incorporate these coding standards when developing their applications. In this article, we will discuss exactly what this web development coding standards are, and why a web developer should start implementing these in their web development or application development projects. The points that we will be discussing in this article can be embraced for the development of any application.

They are guidelines which have been set to help a developer with the process of web development consistently over time. Writing consistent codes not only help the developer who is writing it but also proves helpful for developers who might have to work on future web development projects on the same lines. The guidelines for coding envelop two basic arenas of the coding process. The first one is all about how you actually write your code, which is often referred to as code conventions. Everything from how you name your variables to methods, classes, comments and packages to the organization of the file structure come under the definition of Code conventions. These conventions define how your code will visually appear to the next developer working on the same development process.

The second aspect involves adopting and implementing the code design patterns. A design pattern like the Model-View-Controller (MVC) acts as an abstracted guide for developers trying to solve commonly occurring problems in web-application development. Having guidelines defined around this abstraction and how it is to be implemented in the code helps create an experience that is consistent in nature. Code conventions is the primary focus when a coding standard is being specified by an organization, team or for a specific project. Yet how the code design patterns are implemented holds as much importance to the overall standardization process as to how the code has been written.

In a codebase that is free-for-all, you would often find something that is known as a spaghetti code. And it is called so because the code is extremely hard to follow, since the structure of the code keeps changing from method to method, line by line and class to class. This can become extremely hard to manage and debug. And that’s where the need for following the coding standards arises from, may it be a web based development project or the development of some other application. Coding standards is something that a developer in today’s times cannot ignore and needs to abide by no matter what, that is if a web development company working on some application or web development project is to ensure a smooth and effective collaboration amongst its development team.